Enterprise Culture

Service Concept: Service First, Customer Supreme
Means: For sake of customers, to provide convenient, effencient, satisfactory sercices, 100% satisfaction for customers,
leave 100% difficulty for ourselves. Heart and profit, character and high-quality are both important.


Credit first, say here, do here.
Urgent customers' urgent, think customers' think
Learn most from the most dissatisfied customer.
Mangement, Humanism, Pragmatism, Creativity, Happiness
Means: People-oriented management,pragmatic management, innocative management.

There is no key is the key
No Training, no fighting.
Manging yourself before manging others.
Marketing Concept: Action Changes Now, Thought Decides The Future.

Means: Think better than none, Act better than none. Where there is a will, there is the way.


Demand bases on creating, success depends on strategy
Each customer is god to us.
One's ability is limited, but effort is infinite.